Sunday, 13 April 2014

Readers of the Last ARC!

I have one last Prince of Fools ARC and yes ... I'm giving it away in a silly competition!

Lets take this back to basics. We're on the internet after all, and what was the internet founded on? Besides porn I mean? Yes, that's right. Pictures of cats doing something stupid.

To enter this contest simply submit a photo or video of your cat (or other pet) looking/doing something foolish. Cats in hats, dogs in tutus, elephant seals in ... well ... anything. I realize that not everyone has a pet, so if you can't snap your neighbor's then children are an acceptable substitute. And failing that ... it can be you.

Rules: No animal, child, or person is to be hurt, upset, or endangered. No person's photo used without their consent. No famous youtube clips - it's got to be something you took the photo/film of.

Every entry stands a chance of winning. I'll award entries points and the more points you get, the more chance of winning - but every entry has a chance.

1st prize = signed Prince of Fools Advance Reading Copy.
2nd prize = Prince of Thorns T-shirt
3rd prize = Prince of Thorns T-shirt

Send me the photo / video link at:


#1 Stuart E  -  Who needs the TV? Watch meeeeeeeeeeeee!

#2 Sean S   -  Animal or pot plant?

#3 JM  -  a dog called Panda

#4 Donna D  -  1 happy dog!

#5 Danielle  - whose son just wants to have fun


#6 Bart N  -  Getting Cheeky!

#8 MS + brother + a dog called Gandalf

#9 Michael C  - George in the snow!

#11 Laura H  -  Kili, from kitten to fatty

#12 Michael W  -  Felix speaking to DEATH

#13  Christie S  -  Lucky Number?

#14 Kenneth B  -  the power of love (aka staring at a sandwich)

#15 Newt H  -  Sprocket sleepin' inna pocket hood

#16 Billy V  -  Daisy

#17 Karla  -  Presenting Darth Zelda!

#18 Ed Z  -  cool dog.

#19 Milena T  -   Atamans Meowchenko-Tsheshch being rescued from between wall and wardrobe, requiring the dismantling of the latter.

#20 Gabriel N  -  Festive cat!

#21 Liam H  -  Studious cat!  (Metallica, or Tally for short)

#22 Olga V  -  Tolerant cat!

#23 Rachel W  -  He's not dead, he's just sleeping. Ex-parrot?

#24 Leila M, bags herself a cat!

#25 Holden J, cat failing to hide.

#26 Rhys W  -  Zeke in shades.

# 27 Darren T  -  Son, Riot, sporting moustache

#28 Janine D  -  An ex-dog sadly, but I'm sure she's wearing bunny ears in heaven now.

#29 Matthew L  - Lindy loves Maggie.

#30 Andrew W  -  Party Animal! helping celebrate Andew's 30th.

#31 Chrissi - Dakota always wants more

#32 Ryan McG - chilled out pussy cat

#33 Andrew L  -  Evil Cat

#34 Merrill C  -   I don't even...

#35 Valkyrie M  -  funny face cat in your face

#36 D.B  -  Milo in the pink

#37 Jeana R  -  this cat's a voracious reader

#38 Nevey B  -  Rose's freestyle wall climbing

#39 Katherine B  -  Georgie sitting pretty

#40 Brandon W  -  I'd just as soon kiss a wookie. (Winston)

#41 Sergio R  -  A cat busy hating on Mondays

#42 Sarah K  -  kitty's a shoe in!

#43 Bill O  -  Mr Bojangles getting his lobster on!

#44 Ryan  -  Mufasa! King of Pride Rock!

#45 Brett -  I'm not getting up for anything!

#46 Kirby - Make sure you get my good side!

#47 Mike F  -  Prince of Nachos!

#48 Chris H  -  Django, chillin' in the basin.

#49 Kevin  -  today Ali will mostly be wearing head scarves

#50 Alicia WB  -  Tiberius Jethro, feral cat

#51 Alaina T  -  Bonny using Beef as a pillow!

#52 Tom K  -  mail-order cat!

#53  Phil W  -  Pluto, keeping it quiet!

#54 Phil H  -  Dougal says 'hi!'

#55 Amber S  -  cat + fish


#56 Andrew R  -  Meer-cat?

#57 Nadine  -  Remi, with a beer (it may have gone to her head)

#58 Jesper N  -  Michi (also boozing)

#59 Peter C  -  Climbing Cat!

#60 Craig A  -  Fletch licking his lips in anticipation of the win!

#61 Niki T.  -  Honey and Beau in their ballgowns.

#62 Brenda B  -  Freddy the pirate cat.

#63 Lauren A  -  Pan, at home among the lingerie!

#64 Kenneth H  -  Ivy, having breakfast.

#65 Eric D  -  Lobo, on being requested to do something foolish.

#66 Cherae C  -  and her demon dogs!

#67 Newt H  -  Ferret gaining the element of surprise through stealth.

#68 T.O.M  -  Paint me like one of your French cats...

#69 Karen W  -  Sweep, giving his Jorg-stare.

#70 Flora  -   Ever, on the cushion he sleeps on every night.

#71 Eric C  -  Scotch, with his best hat and bone.

#72 Malin Z  -  Nemo, a keen ornithologist.

#73 Deborah W  -  Paladin attempting the hind-lick maneuver!

#74 Francis P  -  Mac the Corgi vs A Windscreen Wiper.